Tell Your Senator: US Workers Don't Want An #AntiLaborSecretary

The policies and practices espoused by Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder and the "Other NRA" are bad for workers, bad for consumers, bad for employees, and bad for the economy. We do not want our loved ones who work in the restaurant industry to suffer under the paralyzing weight of economic insecurity. Employees that work for fair pay and under just workplace conditions are more productive, provide better customer service, and have some extra money to spend back into the economy, too!

The job of the Secretary of Labor is to protect our nation’s most vulnerable workers, in part by ensuring employers are following the law. Throughout his controversial career, Andrew Puzder has faced multiple class action suits alleging wage theft. He is the last person to whom such an important responsibility should be given.

America is at a crossroads. 'High Road' employers are joining workers and their allies to forge a fairer and more prosperous restaurant industry. Andrew Puzder as Secretary of Labor — a clear embrace of the "Other NRA's dangerous policies" — is a major step in the wrong direction.

Take 60 seconds to tell your Senator you do not approve Andy Puzder's appointment as #AntiLaborSecretary.